Setin – when it’s time for warm and pleasantly hugging clothes

By choosing Setin products, you identify with what is Polish, all products are sewn in a private sewing workshop with attention to every detail. If you are interested in high quality hugging clothes at an affordable price, Setin’s long cardigan coats, are perfect for you. Women’s sweaters, Cardigans, Thongs Ponchos Dresses…

10 Times long cardigan coat

We love to wrap ourselves up with huge sweaters that perfectly fulfill the role of a coat. We like to combine them with dresses, they look great with a simple top and jeans, they will work well with chinos and a shirt. And while a cardigan is not the basis of someone’s wardrobe, this is probably the best tactic – buy one at discounted price this pleasantly hanging clothes in our online shop

cardigan coat,

A cardigan coat is a must have autumn wardrobe. As every year, we browse the store’s offer in search of the most interesting models. Our collection is dominated by a wonderfully light oversize cardigan coat in lila color. It is light, loose and pleasantly hugging. I paired it with a black top and jeans, and lack boots on my legs, and I’m ready for a walk on a warmer day.

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