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Plus Size Urkye Fashion Company Review

  • Quality
  • Material
  • Customer support
5/5Overall Score

Meet Ula, who has been designing and sewing clothes as part of the original brand Plus size Fashion company Urkye for the last 10 years. For the need of her body and passion she started designing #bustfriendly clothing. Ula is an architect by profession, and she loves what she does. Ula learnt sewing from her mom, clothes construction in a college on her own. "A typical construction adopts a certain bust size in relation to the waist, and as we know, busts are different. I have a big bust and clothes available in typical stores are just tragically lying on me" She says. That is why at Urkye they're focusing on perfectly fitted clothes which are #bustfriendly. They offer 18 sizes in total: 9 main sizes (from 34 up to 50) while each of them available in 2 bust sizes. And that's why their clothes fit so amazingly on all busty girls.

That's why by trial and error, spending countless hours testing patterns, stitching, making necessary adjustments, analyzing how clothing fits on live testers, she created her own custom build and she managed to achieve perfect fitting of clothes both to waist and bust. Therefore, the Urkye brand was born. "I'm the first Urkye tester - you can be sure that every piece of clothing that has my label sewn on it, has positively undergone my abuse of construction. That's why I guarantee you that the clothes we sew for you are not only beautiful and comfortable, but also (or maybe above all) perfectly fitted. I hope you'll stay longer with me...!" Ula said and we all at Stylesnbags have hope for that too…

As far as styling goes, this dress isn’t as versatile as the Miriam Baker I reviewed last week–I can’t imagine layering it over a shirt, for instance–but it immediately stands on its own as elegant. I liked pairing it with a red blazer, and a denim jacket would make it more casual.

It had been a long time since I’d ordered anything, and my measurements have changed again. I measure 41.5″ around the bust and 33″ around the waist. According to the size chart, I should wear a 44o/oo, but I wore a 44 when I reviewed the Mala, and I didn’t want to risk it being too big. The reviews I COULD find all seemed to agree that Urkye’s fashion company chart is true to size, but I decided to try the 40o/oo and 42o/oo sizes, keeping in mind what the commenter had said about busty ladies that have a tummy while also knowing that I may lose inches again. I also ordered the Mala dress in red in size 40o/oo because I had loved it in black so much. In the end, I kept the 42o/oo size and returned both dresses in the 40o/oo size. As you study the photos below, you will see that I am NOT bulge-free, but I’m okay with that.

As you might imagine, what I love most about this dress is the NECKLINE. And that it HAS SLEEVES.

The fabric is nice. It doesn’t feel luxurious (in my dream world, this dress would come in a lined silk crepe!), but neither does it feel cheap. Below, you can see how it looked when I added Spanx (but kept the regular pantyhose–I should have worn stockings or band less pantyhose!). I haven’t laundered the dress yet, but if it’s anything like the Mala, I don’t expect any issues. I’ll avoid the dryer to be safe.

Source: hourglassy.com

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