Handmade Earrings Hanging Drops Review

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2.3/5Overall Score

Very nice design but low quality..! I was very happy at first when they were delivered, and even a bit longer. Until I wore them for the second time and the hooks were gone instantly. Just a little glue is not enough to make this large earrings durable enough so you could enjoy for more times but just one.  Bought in Artisanat Afro a seller of handcrafted leather products made in the house: bags, wallets, belts, earrings, backpack, bracelets who has lots of positive feedback and has 124 products in their portfolio in several categories e.g.  Waist chains , bine-bine. Handbags, Long necklaces and more...

  • Beautiful
  • Over priced
  • Low quality
  • Customer service

Handmade Earrings Hanging Drops Elegant gold colored earrings which are just like one off. I would really love them if they last longer than just one time. I feel very disappointed, although that was the only item I have bought from Artisanat Afro at Afrikrea so perhaps I should try them one more time..?

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