Beard Growth Kit! Newest Beard Grooming Tools! Gift for Him


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  • Specially designed for men’s beards, a beard growth care set contains four components: The Beard Growth Activator Serum, Beard Roller and a Comb.
  • Micro-needling Principle: Well known fact that the micro needles penetrate the skin and create micro channels which prompts the skin to start a natural regeneration process. And the Activator Serum activates your dormant follicles and strengthens your hairs. In combination with the beard roller you will increase the absorption of the serum, Speed ​​up your beard growth and thickening.
  • The Activator Serum: Contains 100% natural active ingredients Biotin and Arginine. The natural active ingredient has proved shocking results for hair growth in a clinical study: Average gain of 13500 hairs and up to 52% increased density in 150 days.
  • The Beard Roller: 0.3mm 540 needles will change your beard growth. The 540 titanium needles create thousands of microscopic channels and activate the body’s natural healing process.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Stimulates sleeping follicles.
  • Maximizes serum absorption.


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